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Advanced Negotiation Skills

Key Features

This Program Is Great For:

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  • 2 Day Advanced Negotiation Skills Workshop

  • Discovery Interview with each participant

  • Delivered Online or In-Room

  • Online: Up to 12 participants per group

  • In-Room: Up to 100 participants per group

  • Comprehensive grounding in the fundamental skills of negotiation

  • Advanced Negotiation Tactics

  • Interactive Negotiation Challenges

  • Course Companion Guide

  • Brass Tacks Preparation Matrix available as a coaching tool after the course

  • Facilitator with extensive and direct experience running commercial negotiations in senior leadership roles

New or Experienced Negotiators seeking a comprehensive grounding in the preparation and execution of commercial negotiations.


Managers who need a coachable negotiation system and a common negotiation language with which to develop their teams.


Sales and Procurement professionals of any experience level or industry background.


HR Managers involved in any aspect of Employee Relations.


Teams in HR, Operations, Marketing, IT, Finance or other disciplines who manage vendors or negotiate internally.

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