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Negotiation is a life skill

It is a common mistake to think of negotiation as being the same as selling, or perhaps as a skill that is only relevant to Sales, Procurement or externally facing roles.

Negotiation training provides a tool kit to deploy in scenarios where all parties cannot get 100% of what they want and when persuasion alone will not achieve a resolution.

Does this sound familiar in your world?

If you manage people, manage vendors or need to build internal consensus, it probably does!

We have trained clients from HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing and many other functions, all of whom now benefit from having the right tools to tackle the most challenging conversations that occur in business. 

The Accidental Negotiator

Outside of Sales and Procurement, we encounter many clients who "ended up" in the role of negotiator as an accident of their wider career development.


Accident or not, expecting anybody to negotiate effectively without any formal training can be a recipe for poor performance and considerable stress! 

Consider the situations below:

  • The Human Resources Manager negotiating packages and settlement agreements

  • The Finance Team chasing down bad debts, in conflict with a Sales function not wanting their customers hassled

  • The Marketing graduate, struggling to enforce project deadlines with a creative agency 


All of these situations represent opportunities to either create or give away value, both for the individuals concerned and for their organisations. 

Developing the confidence and skills to recognise these opportunities and then to negotiate effectively can be transformative for individual careers and of huge financial impact to employers.

Return on Investment

We pose two questions to clients considering an investment in negotiation training:

  1. What is the financial value (£) of the most important relationship managed by each of your potential attendees?

  2. If our negotiation training made these key relationships just 1% more profitable, what would this mean?

The experience of our clients is that Brass Tacks negotiation programs pays for themselves many times over. It is perhaps the lowest risk training intervention that an organisation can make, offering a compelling and easily-measured return on your investment of time and money.

Ask the experts

Our negotiation experts all have lived experience of commercial negotiation, usually as senior leaders within complex organisations.

We not only understand the theory and psychology of why teams and individuals may not always negotiate effectively, but have also "walked the walk" of challenging conversations and the pressures that accompany these interactions.

This credibility gives us the power to inspire positive change in your teams.

Want a no-hassle conversation about your negotiation training needs? 

Book a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our team.

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